First World Health Qigong Day in Australia

The International Health Qigong Federation has proposed to introduce the World Health Qigong Day on the second Sunday of August. Many Health Qigong organisations supported this initiative and have run some demonstrations and free workshops on this day. This year, it was 13 August 2017.

Wushu Council Australia encouraged everyone with the interest in Health Qigong to participate. In Sydney, on 13th August, Wushu & Tai Chi NSW had a free park demonstration session of Qigong and Tai Chi at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point from 1.30 pm to 2.00 pm. At 2.00 pm, they joined the demonstration of Health Qigong routines led by Professor Liu Xiao Lei from Beijing Sports University. The Professor’s visit was hosted by Tai Chi Fitness Australia. After 3.00 pm the Wushu Tai Chi NSW continued their practice and were joined by some locals and international enthusiastic tourists. Some of them were inspired to explore it further. That’s one of the goals of such a day!


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