Introduction to Chinese Wushu

by  Yajun Zhuang, Independently published (28 April 2023)

‘Introduction to Chinese Wushu’ is an all-encompassing guide to the traditional Chinese Wushu culture and theory. This book provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow introduction to Wushu, delving into its history, culture, philosophy, categories, and main Wushu school characteristics and styles, such as Shaolin Quan, Wudang, and Contemporary Wushu. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, ‘Introduction to Wushu’ will broaden your understanding and appreciation of Wushu’s theory and technique, offering expert guidance to help you fully develop your skills. It’s a vital resource for anyone fascinated by this dynamic martial art, especially those who intend to learn Wushu and want to excel in it.

About the Author(s)

Master Yajun “Thomas” Zhuang has been teaching, competing in, and researching Chinese martial arts (Wushu) for more than 30 years.

His career began at age eight when he was selected from thousands of children to attend the Jiangsu Wushu Institute. At 17, he continued his study of Wushu culture and philosophy at Nanjing University and eventually joined its faculty.

Master Zhuang went on to become a member of the Chinese National Physical Education Committee; a board member of the Wushu Professional Committee, practice as an international Taichi and Kungfu coach, serve as a senior National Judge of the Chinese Wushu Federation, and was appointed the chief judge for international and national Wushu tournaments. He has published over twenty papers and five books in both Chinese and English. Due to his outstanding contributions to the field of Wushu, he was elected for inclusion in the 1990 Who’s Who: Chinese Wushu and in the “Celebrity” section of “china Wushu Encyclopedia”, and was named as an honorary consultant for the Chinese Wushu Hall of Fame.

He worked on the effects of Taichi exercise on patients with Peripheral Neuropathy and Parkinson’s disease. His modified Zhaung’s Taichi and Qigong therapy has demonstrated great potential for treating the diseases. This promising and successful program has had a huge influence on the community and has been widely reported through television, newspaper, and magazine reports.

Master Zhuang has been instructing students in Louisiana since he moved from China, and in 2012, he opened his current martial arts studio. Since then, Master Zhuang has coached dozens of his students at competitions in Houston and Orlando where they have won multiple medals in every event that they have competed in, including various styles of Taichi, Kung Fu, Bagua and Xing-Yi.

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