Health Qigong Seminars and Duan Grading in Melbourne

The International Health Qigong Federation in conjunction with Tai Chi Australia will conduct the series of Health Qigong Seminars & Workshops in Melbourne from April 21 to April 22, 2018. They will be followed by (optional) Duan Wei examination (Level 1, 2 and 3).

We are privileged to have three highly acclaimed exponents of Health Qigong as the facilitators. Professor Zhang Wen Chun from Jiang Xi University of Chinese Medicine is the Vice President of the Chinese Medical Qigong Association whose PhD students conduct research on the benefits of Qigong for Health. Professor Liu Xiao Lei from the Beijing Sport University specialises in Health Qigong for people with Parkinson’s disease and, for the first time in Australia, there will be a specialised workshop where she will will share details of her research. She will be joined by fellow Health Qigong Master Zhu Jing Yuan, Chinese Health Qigong Association to teach Health Qigong exercises to help relieve symptoms of PD.

The programme fee is $400 and includes seminars in theory and philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Workshops. 10% discount  applies if full payment is made by 30th March 2018. Further special discount is available to the members of Wushu & Tai Chi NSW (for details contact A Certificate will be presented to all who successfully complete the course on the final day.

Additionally, a Health Qigong Duan (Grading) examination will also be held for those interested in sitting the Duan exams (Level 1,2 and 3). The cost will be: Duan 1: $100; Duan 2: $120; Duan 3: $140. Professional and Associate members of Wushu & Tai Chi NSW can apply to the association for contribution towards the cost of Grading.

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