Duel of Legends (2013)

1967 China, A young boy (Dax) is left to survive on his own in the middle of nowhere, after his missionary parents were murdered by rebels. He is found and Raised by a Shaolin Temple Monk and becomes skilled in Martial arts. 25 Years later, in Los Angeles he meets a long time friend, that now works for the FBI, who asks for his help in solving a case revolving the trafficking of young girls. Dax is led to compete as undercover in a secret fighting competition with world champions from different Martial Arts categories, to find out which of the leaders are the ones involved in the trafficking of young girls. During the championship, Dax comes face to face with a much darker side of this secret tournament, Dax realizes that the reigning champion Shin is not only his Biggest Challenge in fighting but also in life, as he is the key to his parents death and also leads him to the mystery of a black book that his father possessed. as the story unfolds crimes, guilt and mysteries are brought to light.

An action filled martial arts movie with many twists and turns. (bestsimilar.com)

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