The Flying Swordsman (2023)

After a wicked plot to steal a hidden fortune results in the death of two renowned warriors, the map leading to the treasure’s rumored location inexplicably disappears. But when the map is finally located a decade later, the eight assassins from the original plot re-emerge only to be challenged by a mysterious swordsman motivated by more than mere money—this unknown warrior is out for blood.

Coming to HI-YAH! on October 13, 2023 is The Flying Swordsman (aka The Hidden Fox), a 2022 martial arts actioner from director Lei Qiao (The Assassin, Damocles) that stars Huawei Zhao (Sakra), Yusi Chen (Mojin: The Worm Valley),  Ray Lui (Operation Bangkok), Shanshan Chunyu (Wolf Warrior 2) and Zihan Chen (New Kung Fu Colt Master)

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