TCAA Open Tai Chi Competition 2022

by Amanda Heidke, Newcastle, NSW

On the 23rd of April 2022, the Tai Chi Association of Australia (TCAA) held its first Open Tai Chi Competition for 2 years. It was tremendous to have the chance to reconnect with our taijiquan community after such a long break.

Whether as a competitor or a spectator, the experience of the competition provides many rewards. It is a showcase of many Taijiquan styles and forms, and seeing other practitioners perform offers everyone the opportunity to discover, learn and share more.

We are proud to have three students enter the competition for their first time this year, and although nervous, they enjoyed the opportunity to test how calm and focused they can be while under the scrutiny of the judges and spectators.

I am grateful that my students have the opportunity to take part in competitions, to increase their self-confidence and self-discipline, improve their skills, meet other players and have fun. The comradery and supportive environment ensure the competition is indeed “the friendly games” and we thank all those involved in bringing the competition to fruition.

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