The 15th World Wushu Championships: the Australia’s Results

The 15th World Wushu Championships in Shanghai, China (20-23 October 2019) was exceptionally well covered by WushuTV. All events were live-streamed and later were available as recorded videos. Thanks to that, we were able to watch all performances of the Australian athletes.

In short: Good effort!

For details, see ourĀ Summary compiled from the official results:

As usual, the World Championships coincided with the reshuffling of positions among the IWUF officials, meetings of various Committees and, of course, the IWUF Congress. Unlike the Championships, these events are kept secret. Although we are almost sure that the IWUF has now a new President… Apparently, there are several new Vice-Presidents… Some new IWUF Member Organisations… However, the official IWUF website (as of 10 November 2019) insists that the President is still Yu Zaiqing (as he was from 2003!) and the Executive Board is still as it was before the Congress…. One might assume that the new appointments have to be approved by the Communist Party of China. After all, that is where the funding is likely to be coming from. Anyway, we hope that in a month or two, we will know what decisions were made (or rather approved) by the Congress. It is also possible that we will never know it.

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