Tai Chi Push Hands Seminar

Tai Chi Push Hands Seminar / Workshop by Master Ji Shou Xiang & Norman Chong

(Universal Tai Chi Academy)

at Epping Creative Centre

September 2017

By Dr. Khoo Cheng Choo

The Push Hands technique has been much revered in Taichi circles as being one of the most challenging and satisfying of Tai chi practices. 

Wushu Tai Chi NSW was honoured to have Master Ji Shou Xiang, one of the foremost Push Hands Masters from China conduct a 2-day Push Hand Seminar/Workshop at Epping Creative Centre in September 2017. Master Ji is known for teaching Push hands techniques at the Police Department of Suzhou as well as the University giving his time to PhD students specialising in Wushu.

Master Ji explained that the general technique of Taichi Push Hands hinges on  the relaxed  synchronisation and coordination  of movements accompanied by natural and regular breathing while maintaining stability through our “centre of gravity” and using our minds to direct movements while changing directions. 

Master Ji further explained (through Norman Chong, his student and interpreter) the rather complex but most interesting fundamental principles of six Push Hand theories, demonstrated vertical and horizontal movements through “Kua movements” and monitored and corrected our practice during the workshop.

Overall,  the seminar was most enlightening and rewarding as we learnt and practised basic Push Hand techniques.

We are looking forward to seeing Master Ji in the future when he comes again to Australia!

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