Kung Fu X-Files: End of Season

Almost a year has passed since the decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to grant access to the so called “Kung Fu X-Files” (as referred to in our previous publications). Still, from time to time people ask us what was the goal of that quest and what was the ultimate result.

We would like to remind that the initial purpose of the Freedom of Information Request lodged by the Wushu Council Australia was to find out how the recognition by the Australian Sports Commission as a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) was transferred from AKWF (Australian Kung Fu (Wushu) Federation) to KWA (Kung Fu Wushu Australia). We would also like to remind that KWA had vigorously opposed the release of the documents arguing that such a release would reveal their “trade secrets”.

All we can say now is: Yes, their greatest trade secrets have been revealed. However, no damage is going to be done because, due to widespread apathy among Wushu and especially Tai Chi community and our significant differences of modus operandi, the Wushu Council will never be able to use these trade secrets and, for the sake of public sanity, these secrets are better to remain secret.

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