Alert Hypnosis With Tai Chi Movement for Trauma Resolution

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Bruce Eads & David M. Wark
27 Sep 2018


Alert hypnosis has a growing body of evidence to support its use in resolving trauma symptoms. There is also research to support the use of Tai Chi in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Integrating alert hypnosis with Tai Chi movements offers the potential to further the benefits of both approaches. Patients have an opportunity to work toward their desired goals using hypnotic techniques to embody targeted changes both in session and outside the office. Providers get behavioural information about the physical and emotional states in the patient. This overlap provides an advanced platform for integrated clinical work, supporting a closer integration of curative processes.

The full text will be available to registered participants of the conference “Tai Chi, Wushu & Qigong in Today’s World 2019” which is to be announced shortly. Permission to distribute the article “Alert Hypnosis With Tai Chi Movement for Trauma Resolution” published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis; Volume 61, 2018; Issue 2; pp. 173-184, was granted by the original publisher, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) for the purpose of this event.

About the Authors

Bruce Eads

Bruce is a social worker from Salisbury, North Carolina, USA. He says, “Providing clinical therapies for recently returning combat Veterans to allow them the best opportunity we can develop to enjoy success in the life they fought for. No job has ever been so intense nor more worthwhile“.



David M.Wark, PhD

David’s professional life has revolved around his career as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA), with a particular and longtime interest in hypnosis. He has been on the forefront of teaching the world the array of psychological and medical goals that can be achieved using the tools that he has helped develop.

To find out more, see the Interview with Dr Wark.

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