A Study on the Traditional Cultural Elements in the Animated Film Kung Fu Panda

by Yongqiang Yu (December 2023, Journal of Theory and Practice of Social Science)


    Kung Fu Panda is a Hollywood animated film with the theme of our country’s Kung Fu and national treasure panda. the story of panda becoming a martial-art master through his unremitting efforts conveys a lot of positive energy. the animal images, Kungfu and the style life utensils of our country used in the film all reflect our country’s elements in Hollywood films. It can be said that Hollywood is the most perfect film to use our country elements. This paper mainly mentions the significance of our country traditional culture to animation films, and analyzes the application of the traditional cultural elements in the film Kung Fu Panda.

    About the Author(s):

    Yongqiang Yu – School of Communication, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Benbu, Anhui, China

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