The Narrative Strategy of Health Qigong as a Health Media

by Zitong Wang
May 2024, Journal of Advances in Sports and Physical Education


The issue of elderly care resulting from the aging population in East Asia has garnered significant attention, with a growing emphasis on disease prevention over treatment. The integration of health Qigong with traditional Chinese medicine and exercise offers long-term benefits for the physical form and function of middle-aged and elderly individuals. Due to its distinctive philosophy and aesthetic characteristics, health Qigong has gained prominence both domestically and internationally, serving as a medium for promoting health communication and enhancing population health levels. In an aging society, incorporating culture into the communication process of health Qigong along with narrative content is an effective approach to foster health communication. By integrating aesthetic principles into research, this study analyzes three dimensions: 1) physical health; 2) cultural aspects; 3) kung fu philosophy. Consequently, it proposes an aesthetic narrative strategy for health communication that encompasses embracing one’s age, appreciating cultural perspectives, and valuing simplicity.

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