Principle-Driven Skill Development: In Traditional Martial Arts

by Russ L. Smith with Forewords by Patrick McCarthy, Marcus Davila and Fred Lohse
Martial Forest LLC (9 December 2022)

Principle-Driven Skill Development dives deep to describe how to ensure traditional martial artists can avoid the limitations of memory-focused training by utilizing traditional principles, coupled with purpose-driven teaching methods. Readdressing common ideas in martial arts, the author helps outline a method for understanding, codifying, and error-correcting one’s own training and teaching methods and focusing on developing progressive understanding in students, and then enlisting traditional application principles to help guide and enhance the effectiveness of clinch-range maneuvers. Principle-Driven Skill Development lays a groundwork of fundamental, strategic principles that constitute a universal set of truths for self-defense based martial arts. Principles focused on control, timing, and positioning are then enhanced by principles that assist the practitioner in utilizing their anatomical tools to stack the odds in their favor. These advanced application methods are then supported by a series of structure and power-related principles, ensuring the practitioner has access to the engine(s) necessary to drive powerful and effective techniques. Over 500 photos provide examples of over 30 application principles from arts like Okinawan Karate and Chinese Five Ancestor Boxing, White Crane Boxing, Grand Ancestor Boxing, White Eyebrow Boxing and others.

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