Dragon Body, Tiger Spirit: A Translation and Explanation of the Classic Texts of Xingyi Quan

by Byron Jacobs, Mu Shin Martial Culture LTD (1 January 2023)

Dragon Body, Tiger Spirit encapsulates a careful presentation, translation and extensive commentary of the classical texts of Xingyi Quan. These texts aimed to document and preserve the principles and techniques at the very heart of this traditional Chinese martial art. Dragon Body, Tiger Spirit is an invaluable resource for martial arts practitioners looking to gain insight into the essence of authentic, traditional Xingyi Quan as codified and handed down from one generation to the next by previous masters of the art. This carefully researched and written reference reflects a decade of painstaking work, backed up by decades of dedicated martial practice by the author Byron Jacobs, a disciple of Master Di Guoyong. Within the pages of this book, readers will find a wealth of practical advice, analysis, commentary, footnotes, biographies and reference material that will help orient their practice of Xingyi Quan in a manner that helps them stay true to its essence. Serious practitioners of the martial arts will find themselves gaining new insights into their practice each time they revisit this expanded analysis of the classical texts and a deeper appreciation of the historical underpinnings of the art. Dragon Body, Tiger Spirit will remain an evergreen reference text for all Chinese martial arts enthusiasts for years to come. The hardcover editions features a beatifully bound book wrapped in linen with a dustjacket.

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