Teddy Teaches Tai Chi

by by Bernie Warren (Author), A. Simioni (Illustrator), YGTMedia Co. Publishing (2 August 2022)

Teddy Teaches Tai Chi is a lavishly illustrated introduction to the Ancient Chinese Health practices of Tai Chi and Qigong for children. In it, under the watchful eyes of Grand Master Tikka and Zen Master Boris, Teddy teaches his grandson Fred simple exercises to help Fred manage his anxiety and stress. In doing so, they form a bond that transcends generations.

About the Author(s)

Professor Emeritus Bernie Warren, a.k.a. Dr. Bernie, loves teaching and makes learning FUN. For more than forty years, Dr. Bernie taught courses in Children’s Play and Development, plus Storytelling and Story Making to generations of teachers and social workers. A Qigong and Tai Chi master teacher, he has taught these disciplines to people of all ages and abilities. He recently retired from full-time teaching and now spends his time writing and traveling the world.

A. Simioni, affectionately known as Ella, has dedicated her career to children’s literacy and creativity through literature and art. When she’s not drawing pictures for fantastic storybooks, you’ll find her on the sunny shores of Lake Ontario. On snowy days, she prefers to hibernate among the velvet poufs, reading stories with her three children and the cats.

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