Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Real Self Defense!: Kung Fu forms, applications and fighting drills!

by  Al Case, Independently published (3 March 2024)

This is the only form used in the Nine Square Diagram Boxing style of kung fu.
It is a Tai Chi style form which eliminates all mysticism and focuses on the ten basic arm positions of the martial arts, which lead to the basic postures of Tai Chi Chuan.
There are 30 applications. These range from easy pressure points to strikes to locks and throws.
Because the art is based on harmony, the amount of effort required to enact these self defense moves should be negligible.
There are no ‘poser’ techniques where the attacker waits for the defender to do the technique.
These are techniques that will work in any situation. The student, however, must apply himself. In Nine Square Diagram Boxing, if the art fails it is the student who is at fault!
The fighting drills are simple, and include transitions into grab arts. These drills enable the student to translate the techniques to actual combat.
This art is as near to perfect as a Tai Chi art can be. It enhances meditation and causes enlightenment.

About the Author(s)

Al Case began writing in 1967. He began martial arts the same year, and martial arts often seep into his work.
In 1981 he began writing for the martial arts magazines, and had his own column (Case Histories) in Inside Karate.
He is the discoverer of Matrixing and Neutronics.
In 2003 he established Monster Martial Arts and began selling books and courses having to do with matrixing and a wide variety of Martial Arts.
He has written near two million (2,000,000) words on the martial arts, including over 30 novels, over 500 articles, probably a hundred training manuals, and more.
He currently resides at Monkeyland, a martial arts retreat in Southern California.

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