Martial Arts Teacher

by  Jonathan Bluestein, Independently published (1 December 2020)

The is the second edition of Jonathan Bluestein’s best-selling work, The Martial Arts Teacher. At 570 pages full of experience, insight and storytelling, Shifu Bluestein delivers what is arguably the most comprehensive treatise ever written of the craft of martial arts instruction.The teaching of martial arts can be one of the noblest professions, but bears with it some of the most unique and surprising challenges imaginable. In this special book, best-selling author shifu Jonathan Bluestein reveals in great detail the manner in which this wonderful occupation and life-mission may be carried out with great success and joy. 
Written for martial arts teachers of any style, practicing or aspiring, this exceptional work is guaranteed to provide you with solid and easily applicable life-changing advice. With this exceptional book, be the best that you can become!

Recommended for:  Martial arts teachers of any style, practicing or aspiring. Beginner to Intermediate readers.

You will:

  • Understand the challenges of teaching martial arts
  • Learn how to be a successful martial arts teacher
  • Discover applicable life-changing advice for teachers
  • Explore Asian philosophy and culture in teaching
  • Enhance teaching skills and class management

About the Author(s)

Shifu Jonathan Bluestein (LL.B) is an accomplished scholar, martial arts teacher and author. He is the head of Blue Jade Martial Arts International. He has lived in several countries, visited dozens, was an infantryman, a police investigator, a translator and even hosted a short television spot in his youth.

An eclectic researcher and intellectual, shifu Bluestein has published 5 books and over 50 articles, on topics ranging from socio-economic theories, Jungian Psychology, Oriental histories and traditional Chinese martial arts. Several more books shall be published by him in the years 2020-2021, including a biography. His books and articles typically step outside the boundaries of accepted genres and norms, expressing ideas and concepts which other authors are afraid to discuss or even consider.

Striving to better martial arts literature in our time, shifu Bluestein has been working tirelessly for years to deliver readers unique, useful, practical, and entertaining martial arts books. His works stand out with their novel approaches and exceptional interpretations for the traditional martial heritage of the Orient. Countless practitioners and teachers have thus far enjoyed these books, as is evident from the hundreds of positive reviews they have earned on Amazon and elsewhere.

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