Tai Chi, Wushu & Qigong in Today’s World: Conference Schedule

Call for Papers

Tai Chi, Wushu & Qigong in Today’s World

Virtual Conference

Sydney, Australia

September – November 2021


This year, the Organising Committee is inviting everyone interested in Tai Chi, Qigong and Wushu to take part in the virtual inter/multidisciplinary Conference “Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong in Today’s World”. The Conference will take place during September – November 2021 in several stages outlined below.

The aim of the Conference is to provide a venue for an interdisciplinary forum with the intentionally broad scope to bring together Australian and international scholars, practitioners and teachers from different fields and various directions including, but not limited to cultural, literary, philosophy and social studies, sports and medicine. Due to current restrictions, the conference will include paper and poster presentations only. However, a Zoom session is envisaged to discuss the presented materials and any other current issues relevant to Tai Chi, Wushu or Qigong.

You may be interested in submitting a paper, sending a poster presentation or just attending the Zoom session to share and discuss the latest developments, discoveries and current projects in the field as well as use the opportunity to explore the possibility of further collaboration.

Theoretical and practical papers considered for the conference should address diversity and various aspects of Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong today.  Among the suggested topics are:

  • the history of these disciplines and their modern development;
  • philosophical and religious foundations;
  • Tao of warfare, paradox of the principle of non-violence and taking actions;
  • internal arts of Xing Yi and Baguazhang;
  • challenges in teaching Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong;
  • use of technologies and the science of biomechanics for enhancing the performance of the elite athletes;
  • health benefits and reports of current medical discoveries associated with the practice;
  • Tai Chi & Qigong and COVID-19;
  • symbolism of Chinese ancient health system;
  • Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong in classical texts and modern cinema, science fiction, fantasy epics and comic books;
  • the concepts of Chi/Qi, Yin-Yang, Eight Diagrams, Five Elements and the Book of Changes.

The Conference Schedule:

Sunday 10 October 2021 – Closing date for the submission of abstracts.

  • The abstract is limited to 200 – 300 words. The abstracts which do not meet this word limit might be edited by the Organising Committee without author’s consent or sent back to the author(s) to be revised.
  • Your submission should be in English.
  • The abstract must be informative i.e. include its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  • The abstract must not contain any images, tables, charts or formulas.
  • Please send in your brief biography and preferred photo together with the abstract. If not supplied, the Organising Committee reserves the right to compile it from available sources.

Sunday 17 October 2021 – Draft materials compiled from all accepted abstracts will be published online and open for registered participants to read and prepare for discussion.

23-24 October 2021 – Zoom session(s) will be organised for everyone to join and discuss published materials or other relevant issues.

Saturday 30 October 2021 – The authors of selected presentations will be invited to submit full papers to be included in the Conference Proceedings. The guidelines will be provided.

Saturday 20 November 2021 – Closing date for the submission of papers. Corrections and adjustments of submitted papers will be accepted up to this date.

Saturday 18 December 2021 – The published book will be ready for distribution. It will be produced either as “available by demand” or in pre-defined quantity. There will be no cost for authors, but general public will be expected to make some reasonable contribution for hard copies of the book.


Any questions? Please ask herald@auswushu.com.au.


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