Qigong – from Martial Arts to Self-Cultivation

21 August 2022
2.00 – 5.00 pm
Hornsby War Memorial Hall, Hornsby, NSW, Australia

By Howard Choy (Cai Hong 蔡洪), B.Arch. (UNSW), Principal of Shou Yi Taijiquan and Qigong in Berlin and Europe.


Qigong is known as the art and science of using breathing, posture and movement to cleanse and circulate energy in the body. It is recognised as a method of improving health and fitness offering benefits that include better disease resistance, preventing imbalances and developing a clear, tranquil state of mind that helps to reduce stress.

We are very privileged to be able to have a glance at this art from a prominent expert in Qigong and Tai Chi Howard Choy well known in Sydney and around the world for his wealth of knowledge, generosity and charisma. For more than 50 years, Howard has practised, taught and studied Qigong and Tai Chi with some high-quality lineage holders such as Chen Yong-Fa, Chen Xiao-Wang and Yang Sou-Chung. As a result, Howard developed his own practical, no-nonsense approach to Qigong and the Internal Arts in general.

Howard says: “Qigong has many merits, through mindfulness of our breath and movement, the Sancai Qi of Heaven, Earth and Human come together to strengthen our body and heart/mind, to help us to reach our human potential in a more efficacious way. I started doing Lohan Qigong from the Choy Lee Fut lineage, to improve my fighting skill, but over time, as I got older, I became aware that I am not fighting another person but I am fighting myself. What is this self that I am fighting? Who am I? These questions got me to go down another path, and it changed my understanding of Qigong and this presentation is about the journey I am going through, which you may find it interesting and educational.”

Come and join us! This is a one-off event and you are welcome to participate in the continued survival and proper propagation of this unique Chinese cultural heritage.

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About the Presenter:

Howard Choy (Cai Hong 蔡洪), B.Arch. (UNSW), ex. Chief Instructor and Principal of the Sydney Tai Chi and Qigong Centre, was born in China more than 60 years ago and migrated to Australia at an early age. He has kept his language and culture intact through his continual involvement with Tai Chi, Qigong, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Feng Shui throughout his life. Howard is now based in Berlin and teaches mainly in Europe but visits Australia from time to time.

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