Oceania Shaolin Kung Fu Games 2023

* Sydney Town Hall | 1-2 December 2023 *

“Kao Gong” is a tradition of the Shaolin Temple, where the Grand Abbot annually assesses and confirms the disciples of the Four Congregations in their year-long practice of eight different disciplines, including scripture recitation, chanting, and rituals. The Shaolin Kung Fu examination is one of the components, serving as a source of mutual inspiration and constant improvement among the applicants. Starting from the European Shaolin Cultural Festival and the Oceanian Shaolin Cultural Festival in 2011, the Shaolin Kung Fu examination has been a core component and has received enthusiastic participation from Shaolin disciples from various countries and warm welcome from the general public. In 2022, the Shaolin Kung Fu Online Examination continued this tradition and, with the help of the internet, gathered 5,320 participants from 94 countries across six continents for competition and exchange, demonstrating the strong cohesion of Shaolin culture.

The 2023-2024 World Six-Continents Shaolin Kung Fu Examination will adopt a unified name, logo, and special font. Starting from June 17th this year, the intercontinental competition will kick off in Zambia, Africa. Subsequently, the Asian Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, Oceanian Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, South American Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, European Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, and Oceanian Shaolin Kung Fu Examination will be showcased successively.

The first stage of the Intercontinental Shaolin Kung Fu Examination involves authorizing each country to organize Shaolin Kung Fu preliminaries. Every Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner can conveniently participate in the competition nearby, exchange experiences, and evaluate their own learning achievements. The winners will represent their respective countries in the intercontinental competition, where they will compete in the categories to determine the “Intercontinental Shaolin Kung Fu Star” of the year in cities authorized by the organizing committee. They will also be invited to attend the live all-around finals and award ceremony, which will be broadcast globally. The winners of the six continents’ finals will participate in the World Shaolin Kung Fu Examination in 2024, which will be broadcast worldwide.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a world-renowned intangible cultural heritage, with a history spanning thousands of years and an orderly tradition of inheritance. It is a heritage shared by all of humanity. As the ancestral home of Zen Buddhism and the sacred place for the transmission of Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple on Mount Song, China, and the Six Continents Shaolin Federation jointly initiated the organization of the 2023-2024 World Six-Continents Shaolin Kung Fu Examination. The aim is to promote decentralization, increase the autonomy and enthusiasm of various continents and countries, facilitate multi-level participation and exchange, achieve the normalization and sustainability of Shaolin Kung Fu competitions, enhance standardization, internationalization, and socialization, and build the reputation of the Shaolin Kung Fu examination brand. It also aims to attract the participation and support of governments, associations, schools, enterprises, and the general public from various countries. This competition serves multiple functions: exchanging martial arts skills, sharing teaching experiences, exploring management models, constructing a shared ecosystem, and jointly planning the future of Kung Fu.

Through the Shaolin Kung Fu Examination, we hope to continually enhance understanding, friendship, and cooperation among the people of China and other countries. It aims to embody the values of fitness, enlightenment, and harmony inherent in Shaolin Kung Fu, allowing friends from all over the world who practice and love Shaolin Kung Fu to inherit it well. This inheritance brings about health, happiness, and prosperity, making life brim with positive energy!

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