Master Jesse Tsao’s Melbourne Workshops

* St Frankston, VIC | 2-3 March 2024 *

Saturday March 2nd

Learn how to practice and interpret a posture’s self-healing and self-defence purpose through repetitive drills. The focus will be on postures (any postures participants would like to explore), making it accessible to individuals without prior knowledge of a specific form or routine. Nevertheless, Master Jesse will guide you through the different styles of the traditional/classic forms of Chen and Yang providing you with a rich experience of the differences between Tai Chi styles.

Sunday March 3rd

Discover, through practical application, different methods to enhance your own Tai Chi practice for energy cultivation and inner strength development, based on Master Jesse‚Äôs newly published book, “108 Answers to Tai Chi Practice.” Following on from Day 1, Master Jesse may introduce the other two classic styles of Wu and Sun.

Venue: Functions by the Bay, Plowman St Frankston

Cost:  $220 for 1 day, $400 for 2 days

Time:  10:00 – 4:00

For more information go to or email Jenny at

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