Traditional Yang Family Two-Person Sabre: Workshop with Sifu Damon Bramich

* 04 May 2024, Epping, NSW

Improve connection, deepen your understanding of Tai Chi and Kung Fu weapon play, build Ting Jin “following skills” Fa Jin (expression of internal force) internal cultivation methods (Tai Chi Nei Gong)  

The Yang Family 2-man Sabre has something for all martial artists regardless of style. The workshop provides many insights into Tai Chi weapons and Chinese principles of internal cultivation. The set is simple and easy to learn with only 12 base movements that can be first learnt as a solo form. Then joined together as A and B sides in a flowing 2-person routine that can be played either in a straight line or at 4 corners.

The form teaches the player practical and effective strategies and an array of simulated weapons applications that are fun to learn and practice. Applications of the 2-man Sabre are easily transferable to all Swords, Katana, fighting stick or short staff as the techniques and principles are universal.

Course includes:

  • Training notes, and video step to step guide.
  • Weapons working with a partner, following, and sensing drills, Fa Jin drills.
  • 12 movement interactive solo form.
  • 2-person set putting it all together.

Presented by Sifu Damon Bramich:

  • 42 years Tai Chi Experience
  • BaShi disciple of 4th and 5th generation Yang Family patriarchs
  • Former Tai Chi Sabre and Chinese Broadsword World Champion
  • Fellow Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

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