Tai Chi 28 Sword: Workshop with Sifu Damon Bramich

* 18 May 2024, Hornsby, NSW

The Tai Chi short sword (Jian) is part of the Yang Family tradition and is regarded as the classical scholar warrior weapon. Its mastery develops the grace of a calligrapher coupled with the mind of a sage.

In this workshop Damon will take the student through the sequence step-by-step learning the movements, how to apply the principles, internal connection, and martial applications. Including Jin development and Fa Jin. There will also be a section on partner work and the building of Ting Jin through weapons play.

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike or martial artists wanting to enhance traditional weaponry or Taoist practices.

Course includes:

  • Learning 28 Sword form
  • How to integrate the principles and internal Tai Chi into weapon play
  • Fa Jin and Ting Jin
  • Access to Video instruction so you can follow up at home.

Presented by Sifu Damon Bramich:

  • 42 years Tai Chi Experience
  • BaShi disciple of 4th and 5th generation Yang Family patriarchs
  • Former Tai Chi Sabre and Chinese Broadsword World Champion
  • Fellow Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

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