The Grandmaster of Kung Fu (2023)

Before Ip Man, there was Master Huo.

As the centuries-long reign of the Qing Dynasty draws to a close, China faces growing military pressure from the outside world, making it increasingly difficult for citizens to maintain their former way of life. Tensions rise to a boiling point when Japan’s plot to seize martial arts stronghold Tian Jin Wei is revealed, forcing a respected martial arts master to engage a feared Japanese military commander in a kife-or-death battle for control of the city.

“One action-packed sequence after another” –

“Excellently choreographed fight scenes that would give John Wick a run for his money if they were ever to meet in a one-on-one duel” –

“The Grandmaster of Kung Fu does nothing groundbreaking, but it delivers what it’s supposed to deliver: an action-filled, uncomplicated story with interesting characters. Kung fu fans should at least be moderately entertained by this briskly paced movie” – Carla Hay, Culture Mix

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