8th World Junior Wushu Championships – Australia’s Glorious Achievement

Meet the Australian Team at the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships in Indonesia, 2022. Never mind that almost all athletes are from a private independent Hong Kong school (ISF) who were ‘honourably selected’ by Australia to represent it at the Championships (https://academy.isf.edu.hk/index.php/achievements-and-news/isf-wushu-team-glorious-return-from-world-championships/). Apparently, Australia with estimated 200 wushu/kung fu schools and over 1000 accredited instructors, is unable to prepare our own team. Anyway, our congratulations to the Hong Kong athletes (who might even be Australian citizens!). The ranking was stable among the lowest but, as they say, beggars cannot be choosers’! Thank you, ISF!

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