What Karate Got Right (That Wushu Got Wrong)

by Matthew Lee | 24 July 2020


In July 2020, the 2020 Summer Olympics were originally set to kick off.  Karate is also set to be included a sport in the Olympics at this time, something that Wushu has failed to achieve with multiple attempts.  There are numerous factors for this, which surround different factors of each respective sport, including the communal, modal, and political.  This write-up will discuss where Karate has succeeded where Wushu has failed, and suggest what possible solutions are.

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About the Author

Matt began practicing Wushu at the age of 7 under US Wushu Academy, and is a coach of the UMBC Wushu Club. He has held positions in national, international, and local modern Wushu competitions, and is currently training in Sanshou/Sanda, traditional Chen Style Taijiquan and zhanzhuang. He is a former four-time consecutive US Wushu Team member, former Pan American Champion and multiple times Pan American Championships medalist, and is continually trying to improve himself both as a competitive athlete and as a real martial artist. If you have any questions you would like to ask Matt, please email him at matthewlee@jiayoowushu.com.

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