Analysis of the International Spread and Exchange of Chinese Wushu Based on Big Data Analysis

by Pengsheng Chen

October 2020 Journal of Physics Conference Series 1648(2):022200


By sorting out the theoretical relationship between cultural consciousness and international communication, this paper explores the national cultural strategy of international communication of Chinese Wushu from the perspective of cultural consciousness. Based on the cultural consciousness of the internationalization of Chinese culture, this paper holds that “global localization” has become an important strategic concept of Chinese Wushu’s foreign cultural exchange and cross-cultural communication. The strategic implementation plan of the internationalization of Wushu is the global integrated marketing communication of cross-culture, while the current strategic focus is the internationalization of Wushu’s international image subordinate to the national image of China. Based on this, this article uses computer big data technology to analyze the current situation of the spread and exchange of Chinese Wushu in the world.

About the Author(s):

Pengsheng Chen – School of Physical Education, Xianyang Normal University, Shaanxi, China, 712000

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