Inheritance and Dissemination of Chinese Wushu from the Perspective of Cultural Geography

by Qingkai Guo

March 2021, IOP Conference Series Earth and Environmental Science 


In the process of its formation and development, Wushu is deeply influenced by the cultural and geographical environment. At present, the inheritance and development of Wushu have been paid more and more attention. The international spread of Wushu has become a window for the world to understand Chinese culture. Therefore, it is of great significance to study Wushu culture from the perspective of geographical culture. From the perspective of cultural geography, the emergence and development of Wushu is one of the hot spots in the study of Wushu culture. Based on this perspective, this paper discusses the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese Wushu, with a view to contributing to the spread of Chinese Wushu.

About the Author(s):

Qingkai Guo – Tianjin University Renai College, Tianjin, China

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