Multimedia Display of Wushu Intangible Cultural Heritage Based on Interactive System and Artificial Intelligence

by Jinghui Cui, Limin Fu

June 2023 Soft Computing


With the rapid development of the information age, various forms of digitalization have facilitated people’s various lives, but digitalization has also brought crisis to people. The most obvious is that in the digital era, the original living environment of intangible cultural heritage of martial arts and its traditional development and protection mode have become less and less compatible with the digital era. Therefore, its development is currently facing difficulties, even endangered problems. Based on this phenomenon, this paper combines artificial intelligence technology and interactive system to establish an intelligent multimedia display interactive system for intangible cultural heritage of martial arts. In this system, the martial artist’s moving image can be captured by the action image acquisition device, and the collected image sequence can be calculated and analyzed. The system host “remembers” the martial artist’s action. The main functions of the system, such as random flow, click and zoom, multi-point movement and printing, are all in the charge of the picture control module; Video playback, full screen display and ring button control functions are mainly completed by the video control module. The experimental results show that the task time of using interactive system to locate visual objects with massive information in icon materials is significantly faster than that of using no interactive highlighting system. Therefore, we can preliminarily determine that the interactive system can improve the performance of target positioning in massive information. In this paper, the interactive system and artificial intelligence technology are applied to the intangible cultural heritage of martial arts, which has played a role in promoting its development.

About the Author(s):

Jinghui Cui – School of Physical Education, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang 050024, Hebei, China

Limin Fu – Hebei Sport University, Shijiazhuang 050041, Hebei, China

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