Visualization System of Martial Arts Training Action based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

by Bowen Hui

June 2023 Soft Computing


At present, there are many educational methods in the field of Chinese martial arts education, and various types of teaching institutions such as private martial arts schools, national sports institutes and general institutions of higher learning have been formed. However, the proportion of such groups who choose to receive professional martial arts education is very small compared to the population development base of China’s entire higher martial arts education. The main reason is that martial arts training activities must be standardized and professional, and it is difficult to practice effectively in a home environment. Therefore, this paper develops a visualization system of martial arts training movements based on artificial intelligence system. Firstly, the theoretical basis of skeletal point extraction feature and posture quaternion in martial arts, the visualization of martial arts movements based on expression quaternions and the classification model of martial arts movements based on LSTM are introduced. For the human action visualization part, we use the Ogre rendering engine to display human actions and provide a data interface to control the movement of the virtual 3D human model. Then, the paper introduced the visualization system design of martial arts training movements, including system architecture design, system function analysis, and visualization module design. Finally, the system is disassembled through the test environment and evaluation indicators, action recognition effect analysis, and system visualization impact analysis, and the application effect of the system is introduced in detail. I hope it can help more people inherit and develop traditional sports and carry forward the spirit of martial arts, so that Wushu, a national traditional activity, can be better spread and popularized. This paper studies the artificial intelligence algorithm and applies it to the design process of martial arts training action visualization system, thus promoting the development of martial arts teaching.

About the Author(s):

Bowen Hui – Xi’an Peihua University, China

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