Using Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Herbs to Reduce Cholesterol: A Study Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

by Robert W. McGee
* June 2024 Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research


The purpose of this study was twofold , first, to see what kind of information artificial intelligence could generate on a medical topic, and second, to generate useful medical information that could be of interest to both the public and the medical professional. Microsoft Copilot was used to create brief essays on tai chi, qigong and Chinese herbs and their use in attempting to reduce bad cholesterol. It was able to do so, and also cited numerous publications on the targeted topic. The research was supplemented by using the PubMed database to see what research had already been conducted on the use of tai chi, qigong and Chinese herbs on the reduction of cholesterol. The methodology employed in the present study can also be used in other studies, both medical and nonmedical, to generate useful information on a wide range of topics that can be read by both professionals and the general reader. However, care must be taken if one attempts to act on the information provided by artificial intelligence, since prior studies have found that the quality of information provided by AI bots can sometimes be incorrect or incomplete. AI can be used as a tool of medical and other research, but the human brain is still needed to check the accuracy of whatever information AI generates. Although AI can be very useful in the preliminary stages of a research project, it should not be the only source of information that is to be relied upon.

About the Author(s):

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