A Wushu Referee’s Decision Support System Using Error Recognition Theory

June 2022, Mobile Information Systems 2022(16):1-8

by Jin Lu, Ming Xie


To realize the recognition and scoring of Wushu Athletes’ wrong actions by electronic referees, reduce the difficulty of referees’ recognition, help reduce man-made errors and influence in the process of competition judgment, and make the referee work fairer and more scientific, therefore, this paper aims to make an in-depth study on the Wushu referee decision support system based on the theory and method of error recognition. Firstly, this paper discusses the overall architecture of the Wushu decision support system, analyzes the functions and database design of each system in the system, constructs a digital and information-based Wushu referee decision support system, and uses the error matrix logic equation to solve the recognition state and goal. The Nrej3d technology is introduced for collecting the characteristics of martial arts wrong actions, and matching recognition is completed by using the sports space, to complete the research on the decision support system of martial arts referees based on the theory and method of wrong recognition. The simulation results show that the method proposed in this paper is superior to other methods in the recognition accuracy and effective measurement of martial arts wrong movements and has a certain application value.

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About the Author(s):

Jin Lu and Ming Xie: Department of Physical Education, Hunan International Economics University, Changsha, Hunan 410205, China

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