Practice of occupational therapy in Tai Chi diagram: Adopted from traditional Chinese culture

World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin 

Zhaojin Zhu,Yujie Yang,Jiabao Guo,Yanning Yan,Kuicheng Li,Jun Wang,Jun Yu & Yi Zhu

Published online: 12 Apr 2018


This study proposes a novel occupational therapy (OT) practice tool derived from the native concept of the Tai Chi diagram. Four elements of the Tai Chi diagram, namely, Yang, Yin, Yang kernel, and Yin kernel, are matched to the elements of the OT practice, namely, person, environment, economic condition, and mental condition, respectively. The entire circle of the diagram represents occupational performance. The interaction between persons and the environment can be regarded as the interaction between Yin and Yang with balance as the focal point. This proposed tool may be an innovative means to facilitate communication between clients and therapists for OT in China.

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