The Wushu action design based on computer three-dimensional auxiliary system

Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography 

Volume 21, 2018 – Issue 2: Application of Modern Optimization Algorithm in Management Science

Zhi-Yang Han

Pages 601-605 | Published online: 20 Apr 2018


As a challenging topic in the field of computer vision, human action recognition has been widely used in many fields, such as virtual reality, intelligent man-machine and sports. Therefore, this paper proposed the method of decomposing and recognizing human body Wushu action based on computer three-dimensional image recognition. This method obtained the edge of body silhouette and extracted each frame of image silhouette edge to achieve accumulation in the same image, and used the image motion feature vector to compose three-dimensional image, decomposition process of Wushu action based on the image recognition. Experiment shows that using three-dimensional image recognition can effectively decompose Wushu action.

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